Day Spa Indemnity Waiver/Disclaimer:


The services we offer here at SBCT – Massage & Wellness are complimentary/natural therapies & beauty services. Our services do not replace medical treatment and we do not claim to provide medical advice, treat medical illness, prescribe medications or the like, as this is outside our scope of works. Clients are required to complete medical history intake forms at their initial appointment so we have the most up to date information about your health status at the commencement of our professional working relationship. Clients are responsible for updating SBCT of any changes to their health status at all times. Sara Boon/SBCT – Massage & Wellness and any employee of SBCT will not be held liable for any errors or omissions on a client’s health history intake form. This onus falls solely on the client completing the form.
By booking an appointment with SBCT and engaging our services, clients understand and accept that they are responsible for consulting their primary health care provider for any ailments/conditions they may have and when necessary obtain medical clearance to receive massage, spa & beauty treatments. In addition clients freely choose to receive treatment and services at SBCT and as such assume full responsibility of any/all risk. Sara Boon/SBCT – Massage & Wellness and any employee of SBCT – Massage & Wellness are hereby fully indemnified of any/and all claims of malpractice, negligence, lack of informed consent, personal injury, death, property damage and/or loss. Clients fully indemnify and discharge, undertake not to sue or seek compensation in a court of law or via third party for any problems or complaints clients believe to be contributed to any and ALL treatments they receive at SBCT – Massage & Wellness. This indemnity and release of liability benefits Sara Boon/SBCT – Massage & Wellness, it’s successors and assigns and related companies, employees, representatives, agents, officers and directors.