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Sara Boon

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Born and raised right here in the city by the sea (Burnie), Sara is passionate about her home town. With a background in team and individual sports such as netball and full contact karate, Sara has enjoyed a lengthy career as an athlete competing both at a State and National Level.

Sara and her husband Joshua decided that they wanted to start a family soon after they were married. However, weeks turned to months and months turned to years and after three years of not conceiving; found themselves on a journey that they thought would never happen to them – “you hear about it but you never think it will be you.” Sara explains.

This became a major turning point for her as she grappled with the grief and trauma from this experience and often taboo subject.

“Infertility does not discriminate. 1 in 8 couples have difficulty conceiving and it’s one of the loneliest and hardest battles I have ever had to go through. It’s mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting and I cannot comprehend why nobody wants to talk about it. It seems to be a topic people shy away from. For me and my husband, it’s been a 9 year fertility battle but there are other women and couples out there who I have absolutely no doubt, are going through a worse journey than us.

I recognised that our community needed a service exclusively for women that focused on natural health and pre & post-natal care and so SBCT was born. An exclusive women’s natural therapy & pre-natal care clinic.”

Sara has dedicated herself to undertake training and education to gain skills and specialise in Pregnancy & Relaxation massage, and in addition is a highly trained and certified Paediatric Massage Consultant. She loves supporting women pre-conception, during and throughout all stages of pregnancy and also post birth. Sara facilitates and teaches couples or larger group classes’ correct and up to date information related to Infant Massage, and educates parents and primary care givers massage techniques that they can safely and confidently apply to their infants at home.

“Baby Massage is a fantastic way families can learn the verbal and nonverbal cues their infants are trying to communicate with them, as well as enhance the bonding and attachment process. Not only that, infant massage is profoundly beneficial in helping improve the condition of mothers suffering postnatal depression and their infants.” She says.

“When an expecting mum entrusts her care to me, it is the most amazing blessing and opportunity that brings me so much joy. Every woman’s journey to motherhood is different and for some people, it’s not an easy journey at all. I of all people, know how hard falling pregnant can be. I of all people, know the heartache of seeing another pregnancy test showing 1 line instead of 2. I of all people, know what it is like to grieve a child that you so desperately want, but as I said – infertility does not discriminate. I of all people, know just what a special time pregnancy is and every expecting mum deserves the utmost professional care, they deserve to be nurtured and supported in every way possible. I love the connection I form with my clients and when baby is born, I enjoy receiving baby photos and birth announcements as well as supporting mum and baby even further with learning infant massage.”

Despite her own personal battles, Sara has a big heart and tapped into deep knowing that she has a purpose. She is dedicated to follow her soul’s urge to transform her experience into something meaningful and inspirational for others, who are also experiencing the challenges of walking through the motions of potential infertility. Her dream is to create the largest women’s natural therapy & pre-natal care clinic on the NW of Tasmania, and is currently working towards creating a peer-lead support network for local women currently dealing with a fertility battle, to connect, share experiences and support one and other.

If you’re looking for a therapist who is deeply passionate, caring, empathetic and highly invested in your wellness journey, your search ends here. Call SBCT to connect with Sara today.