Appointment / Cancellation Policy


We respect that your time is valuable and we kindly ask that you appreciate that our time is also. We certainly understand that unexpected events creep up from time to time – but please be mindful that when you book a time with us, that allotted time is for YOU and ONLY YOU.

We do our best to be ready for you when you arrive, and so we ask that you keep your promise to us and show up for your appointment time. As massage therapists and small business owners, we do not get paid unless we perform treatments. Last minute cancellations and missed appointments can prove financially costly and can cause financial hardship.

Arrival Policy: We recommend you plan to arrive for your treatment no less than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows for the completion of any necessary paperwork and/or assessments prior to treatment.

Late Policy: We will do everything we can to ensure you receive your full treatment time. However if you arrive late, in order for us to run on time for our other clients, your treatment will be shortened to accommodate the remainder of the scheduled time. We retain the right to charge you the full treatment fee.

Booking Policy: All NEW clients who wish to book an appointment at SBCT will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit to secure the appointment, with balance of service due and payable on the day of service. This can be done over the phone via CC transaction.
At the time of your booking, not only will you be required to pay your 50% non refundable deposit, we require your mobile number and email address. The email address you provide is where ALL appointment confirmations and appointment reminders are sent.
Appointment confirmations and reminders is a courtesy and FREE communications method that our system auto sends you. We kindly ask that you open and read these emails which advise important information regarding your appointment such as time, date, service that has been scheduled. It also contains vital information regarding our COVID safety action plan, reiterates our strict cancellation, reschedule/no show policy.

Gift Certificate Redemptions – whilst no booking fee will be charged as the service has been pre-paid, our 24 hour cancellation period for all standard appointments 90 mins or less and 72 hours for all appointments/packages over 90 mins applies. Failure to provide the required notice period will result in the gift voucher total having been redeemed in full and will be marked as used/redeemed in our gift voucher register.

Cancellation Policy: All standard appointments which are 90 minutes or less in duration require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. All services/body treatments and spa packages that are 90 mins or longer in duration require a minimum of 72 hours notice to cancel or reschedule. Failure to provide the required notice period will result in your booking deposit being forfeited. Existing Day Spa guests/clients who are not required to pay a booking deposit will be charged the full service price should the required notice period to cancel or reschedule not be provided.

Monday Cancellations – Please note that our clinic or staff do not respond to messages/inquiries outside of normal trading hours. If you have a Monday appointment you wish to cancel or reschedule, we must receive your cancellation notice no later than 2pm on a Saturday to ensure we receive your notice period within trading hours. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting any booking deposit paid or being invoiced the full service fee of the scheduled service.
As a residential day spa – access to our facilities is via appointment only/invitation so when you book a time with us, that time is yours and only yours. We have a ZERO tolerance for no-shows. All no-shows forfeit their booking deposit and will be charged the balance of the service they scheduled. All cancellation and no-shows must be paid in full prior to being able to schedule future services at our facilities.

No Shows: Should a client forget or consciously forgo their appointment time for whatever reason, will be considered a “No Show”. Full payment will be charged for the scheduled service and we reserve the right to decline future bookings until payment is made in full.

Punctuality: It is recommended that all day spa guest/clients attend 5/10 mins early for their appointment to ensure they check into reception and complete any necessary paperwork and remedial assessments if required. We run to schedule, so if you are late to your appointment we are required to end your service on the scheduled end time to ensure we do not run late for other spa guest/clients. Full service fee will still be charged. Depending on the service that you booked i.e for beauty appointments, if you run late we may not be able to accommodate the service. This will be charged as a missed appointment and the full service fee will be required.

Children & Teen Policy:  At SBCT, we do not perform massage therapy or body work treatments to children/minors under the age of seven (7) years.

Should a parent wish for massage or touch therapy be performed to a child under seven (7) years of age, they will be required to engage our Paediatric Massage Consulting Services where we will teach the parent or primary care giver how to perform massage strokes and applications. In addition we will formally educate parents, correct and up to date information relating to infant/child massage. This also includes adaptions to the growing child as they reach certain developmental milestones and also adaptions to massage for children with special needs. During PMC sessions, it is fully understood that the PMC or instructor does not massage the child directly instead the PMC or CIMI demonstrates stroke application & technique on a demonstration doll only.

If a child is seven (7) years or older and consents to massage, a parent/legal guardian must be present at all times during the consultation and application of massage treatment. The therapist must perform a permission sequence prior to any massage treatment. I.E “Do I have your consent to massage you today? May I massage you today?” This sequence must be an open question and if the child rejects massage – NO MASSAGE IS TO PROCEED regardless of what the parent/legal guardian etc says. If the child consents to massage and then asks for massage to stop; regardless of how much massage time is left in their booked service – massage must stop immediately to honour the child’s wishes. We respect your child’s right to say NO to treatment.

No remedial, deep tissue, sports massage and/or cupping, hot stone therapy, or aromatherapy treatments are to be performed on a minor. Exception is if the child is over sixteen (16) years of age and has provided consent in addition to parent consent.

SBCT – Massage & Wellness and any staff/employee of SBCT – Massage & Wellness reserves the right to refuse treatment. In this event said therapist and SBCT – Massage & Wellness are fully indemnified and you covenant not to sue or seek compensation via third party or in a court of law.
In the event of a parent/legal guardian being unable to attend SBCT Massage & Wellness with their child to an appointment; and allocate another person to accompany the child I.E grandparent, sibling (sibling must be over the age of eighteen (18), aunt, uncle, case worker, assigned support worker etc. SBCT – Massage & Wellness must be notified no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior. SBCT require the following details: Name of the person accompanying child & their contact phone number. If this person is not known to SBCT – Massage & Wellness, our staff reserve the right to request verification of their identification upon arrival.

As a women’s natural therapy and prenatal care clinic; SBCT is not a mandatory reporter. However; if we suspect a child is being harmed, abused, self-harming or is at risk of being harmed and abused in anyway shape or form. We have a moral obligation and reserve the right to report our concerns to the required authorities for further investigation. In such event, SBCT – Massage & Wellness or any employee of SBCT – Massage & Wellness is fully indemnified and you covenant not to sue, or seek compensation via a third party or in a court of law.

If you have any questions at all regarding our policies – please feel free to discuss in further detail with your therapist. Thank you and enjoy your SBCT Massage Experience.